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 - , , i . in-, ! up the river, and were met neat...
, , i . in-, ! up the river, and were met neat Lunuj s lane by a detachment under Oen.bco.t--deaj Oen.bco.t--deaj Oen.bco.t--deaj an engagement immediately commenced. j As soon" as intelligence of this reached the . mn Generals Porter and Hipley pressed ; Extract mm " Skeicirt of the Scenery on the Magma River." It was near sun-iet sun-iet sun-iet when we first visited T.1.1. nrk. We inhered there tl not . au.v ..vw... - r, 1. r-ntaii.rd r-ntaii.rd r-ntaii.rd nn thr. columns of. mist, which then rose on thr; sull air There is such a Hood ol light rellcctcd Irom this mass of loam, that the falls are distinct long after every other object is obscured. On returning, cur path thiotigh the wood and marsh Wu hardly discernible; but when we reached the top 01 me nui, a wai in Hush still colored the west, and the evening Mar shed on us its brightest beam. 1 his extcn-scene of tranquil beauty formed i fine con- con- trastwith the one vc had just quitted ; a contrast peculiarly grateiui to uur minds, which had expanded to their utmost limits of perception and emotion- emotion- Nearly; a mile back of the Horse bhoe 1 all is, Lundy's l-vne l-vne l-vne or heights, where the battle, 1.. .it.l 1 1,, h nl lirulcewater. comniuiny v.i.wv.... ...-. ...-. ...-. was iougm. - " - - nl.iin. with sonic small eminences r 1. a itfOMnvriiHivr' ririaii 11 1 - - - - . , ....,, ,i;e.,r,nt. uencrai urowu i,u,. u.. .yrr co-operation co-operation co-operation of the fleet which he :te d. changed his plan ol opera- opera- r it from r.nsrown 10 cd in the ld expect tions, and Chippewa ICti -V -V On the. 25th of July, 18 U, the :ctin- :ctin- their forces, marched Hriii!.. rollcCtin . . rorWard to his siqiport, out i.enerai aeon gallantly sustained the conllict an hour o- o- ftllC their arrival- arrival- nuic mmj soon engaged ; st'dl the Dtitish force, torn- torn- mjiuled bv Generals Hull and Diun.inond, was supenoi. The battle began about sun- sun- ct, and lasted till midnight, and u comid- comid- irtd Jie most bhxxly which was fought - , 1, . 1 .tin 1 1 1 f tut war. liClieial uruwn auti S .-t .-t .-t i"c severely woumlcd, but o'ul not :uit the he 1.1- 1.1- l hi ra 'er combatants were unmindful r.f the de-iatttirc de-iatttirc de-iatttirc cf the dat. I he halUr!-ed halUr!-ed halUr!-ed moon' was htgli m thc I ca tns at its ro-, ro-, ro-, sl.ed r'e a uldv-uUtfiil uldv-uUtfiil uldv-uUtfiil i gt 1

Clipped from
  1. The Long-Island Star,
  2. 22 Oct 1817, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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